Boris Johnson was in the Dominican Republic, when Liz Truss resigned

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Yudelka DomínguezSanto Domingo, RD.

The former UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, was in the Dominican Republic this morning when he heard about Liz Truss resignation, sources have confirmed to Listín Diario.

Johnson arrived to the Dominican Republic on the 7th October, then left on the 10th, and came back on the 12th.

Sources said to Listín Diario, that they don't know which are the reasons why the former prime minister came to the country, and how many days he would remain in the Dominican Republic.

Liz Truss resigned as PM and the leader of the Conservative Party this Thursday afternoon, during a speech at Downing Street, in London, England.

Now Boris Johnson's name has been mentioned to be nominated as a candidate to be prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party.