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23 de septiembre 2021, actualizado a las 02:09 p. m.
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La República sábado, 31 de julio de 2021

Resumen en voz de noticias en español e inglés

  • Resumen en voz de noticias en español e inglés

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Este es el resumen de las principales noticias en voz, en inglés y español.

Noticias en español

Noticias en inglés

Cover News July 31st, 2021

Military hospital will keep in isolation the chinese person due to suspect of Monkeypox

The Ramón de Lara Hospital reported that on July 26 the United States notified the Public Health authorities of the Dominican Republic about a Chinese traveler who had contact with a person infected with monkeypox on an international flight from the city of Lagos, Nigeria in Africa.

The Chinese hospitalized with suspected monkeypox has been in the country for 21 days.

Johnny Ventura was honored at the continuation of his funeral

The National Congress during an act that brought together senators and deputies yesterday, exalted the passage through the public life of the merengue singer Johnny Ventura who was also honored by the National District council and earlier by the Political Party La Fuerza Del Pueblo of which he was a member.

Brigades of workers advance in the work of the Metro and Teleferico of Los Alcarrizos station

The Executing Unit for the Redevelopment of Neighborhoods and Environments (URBE) has at least 45 workers divided by brigades of carpenters, stringers and construction company personnel working from Monday to Saturday simultaneously in station 6, which is the one located in the entrance to Los Alcarrizos and at station 8 which is in La Americana sector, located in Hato Nuevo.

Swine fever has not impacted pork production in the North Region (Cibao)

The Association of Small and Medium Pig Producers of the Cibao assured that the African swine fever that affects pig farmers in the border area of the country, has not impacted on the production of pigs of the Cibao and until yesterday they have not identify a first case of the disease.

Listín Diario receives congratulations on the occasion of celebrating the 132 anniversary of its foundation tomorrow

The Inter-American Press Society, government officials and personalities from public and private life congratulated Listín Diario and all his staff on celebrating the 132nd anniversary of the founding of the dean of the national press on August 1.